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PX Talk: Insights From the Guru of Customer Service

PX Talk with John DiJulius

What can doctors learn from the guru of customer service?


Recently, I was able to do a one-on-one sit down with my favorite expert on customer service, John DiJulius. His career and client list is legendary and now includes the Charlotte Police Department!


We touched on some key issues facing medical practices in how we treat patients:


  • What’s happened to customer service since Covid
  • What practices need to be thinking about to “up their game”
  • Use extra CAUTION when hiring new employees
  • Why discounting is a tax you pay
  • How to get your team engaged – a great first-step idea


This is 20 minutes worth listening to as John’s passion for service and making price irrelevant shine through our discussion!  

How strong is the customer service at your practice?

As a fellow Patient Experience advocate recently shared with me, customer service today means always asking the question: “How can I not only meet the needs of this person but exceed their expectations in every area of this encounter?” – Carole Stanford, Patient Experience Manager

Learn what your patients really think and see if you are meeting their customer service expectations! Use this sample PX survey to understand the questions that matter.

Join us in the pursuit of upping the customer service game in healthcare!

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