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the art of hospitality

The Art of Hospitality

Hospitality has a lot of great teachings that doctors can use in their medical practice to enhance the patient experience.

Why Souvenir Shops Work

Learn how memorabilia can have a lasting impact on your patients and simultaneously improve their overall experience.

Engaging ALL the Senses

While sight is regarded as the most precious of our senses, don’t ignore the opportunity to engage your patients with others that generally get less attention in the medical environment.

What’s REALLY Holding Patients Back From Elective Procedures?

Doctors and their practices have been conditioned to think that cost is the biggest barrier to patients moving forward with elective procedures. Dig a bit deeper and you find that affordability – not price itself – has a huge impact on patient decision making. According to a recent study, the unmet demand for payment plans has created an opportunity for vision, cosmetic and dental practices to expand demand for services by 50%.