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Football + PX = ??

I for one am glad that college football is back and now includes the Big 10 and my alma mater MICHIGAN. Legendary head coach Bo Schembechler (1969-1989) was known for his feisty attitude with players, the media and especially opponents. 

In 1983, he gave a speech to his team that still rings true today. It’s been encapsulated in his quote “The Team, The Team, The Team!” No individual is more important than the team.  


I love watching football on fall weekends. Saturday it’s “Go Blue!” and Sunday it’s “Go Niners!” And, for the past 4 years on Fridays we got a front-row seat to watch our son play for his high school team.

What does Bo Schembechler have to do with the Patient Experience?

The dedication and selflessness that is required of football players in order to sacrifice for the team is unparalleled … with the exception of rugby, the sport from which football evolved and which I played while at Michigan and many years after.   


It takes a team to win, both on the field and in the medical practice. 


No doctor can succeed on their own without the dedication and support of a great team. In fact, I refuse to call employees “staff members.” They are team members, one and all. Each one plays an important role in orchestrating what happens so that patients can have a great experience when going to a doctor’s office.

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