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We Can Still Listen, Laugh, & Love in 2020

This week’s blog post poses the question: Is this truly “the most wonderful time of the year” as the Christmas song goes? This year of 2020, that might not hold true for many of us. But, not everything is lost and the year is not canceled. We can still listen, laugh, and love.

How Zappos Changed Your World and Mine

This week’s blog post highlights eight examples of how Tony Hsieh and Zappos influenced the world – yours and mine – for the better. I’ve long been a fan of their “customer first” philosophy and got to experience it firsthand as a journalist when I visited their headquarters in 2008. When I learned he passed away, my mind immediately recalled the impact he has had and how his work has influenced mine.

Time to Re-Engineer the Sales Rep. Relationship

Admit it, sales representatives play an important part in the function of a medical practice. The relationships you have with your best reps help keep the practice in good shape and keep you abreast of what’s new in technology and industry.

How to Make Your Medical Practice Authentic

Do you know what one word separates survival and success from despair and failure? That word is HOPE. And in the context of business success, hope must translate into an organization’s mission, vision and values. The problem is that most businesses confuse these 3 cornerstone elements; and that confusion hinders success.

Keep Calm and Get Creative During COVID-19

What are you doing to get creative and innovate, especially if you run a medical practice? Covid-19 has forced everybody to do things differently. While medical practices don’t have the same risk profile as an escape room business, they need to change and change fast.

Time is the New Money

Traditionally, a visit to the doctor was meant to be efficient and focused on time saved by the practice. Get ‘em in, get ‘em out. See as many patients as possible, especially as reimbursements decline. Efficiency was seen as the best way to optimize revenue and income (i.e., money). This was good for the doctor but not so good for the patient.

Waiting Room

Eliminate the Wait for Your Patients

Technology has changed our expectations about time and how we live, especially in communication. Mobile phones, texting and email bring an immediacy to communication that wasn’t available a generation ago. We want what we want when we want it. Which, in most cases, is NOW.