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the art of hospitality

The Art of Hospitality

Hospitality has a lot of great teachings that doctors can use in their medical practice to enhance the patient experience.

What’s Happening to Starbucks … Is Not Good

Starbucks isn’t what it used to be. For customers AND employees.

Recent unionizations show that employees are under an immense amount of stress trying to reach Starbucks’ high standards. It makes it clear that employees are not fulfilled. They are not being valued as they should be.

The Money Value of Time

Experiences have value. You spend time on experiences. That’s worth a lot more than you might think for your medical practice.

Paying for Experiences

Today, people want to spend their money on experiences. Here’s how that can help your medical practice reach success.

CEO Team Strategy

The CEO Strategy to Building a Great Team

All too often, we see the performance of good employees suffer as their morale and motivation gets dragged down by others. If left unaddressed, these negative influencers can kill a practice culture. The high performing employees leave for better opportunities, while the remaining employees figure out that if bad behavior is tolerated, then why try harder?