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Healthcare is Failing in Customer Satisfaction

We Created a Movement to Improve Patient Satisfaction

Customer expectations have evolved,
it’s time for healthcare to do the same to improve patient satisfaction

Are you meeting the expectations of your customers? 

Do you treat patients as valued guests in your practice? 

Is patient experience (PX) a priority for your team?

Improve Patient Experience

Patients Expect More. Medical Practices Can Do Better.

What it Means to Join the PX Movement

Healthcare is 20 years behind the rest of the business world, trying to catch up to higher customer satisfaction standards. By embarking on the Patient Experience (PX) Movement you are joining medical providers across the country as they make Patient Experience the catalyst for growth & sustainability to improve patient satisfaction. 

We believe that taking actionable steps to improve patient satisfaction in your medical practice is the greatest means of improvements you can make for your team, your patients, and your business. 

By focusing on Patient Experience in healthcare you are creating a cyclical pattern of growth: improving PX results in greater patient loyalty and subsequent referrals for your practice, which will generate revenue and provide the means to make further PX improvements. 

Improve Patient Experience

Loyalty and Referrals

Sustainable Medical Practice

See the Patient Experience Movement in Action

The PX Gallery

Not sure where to start? Want some inspiration? We have an entire gallery full of examples of medical practices just like yours that have prioritized the Patient Experience to improve patient satisfaction. See what people are doing as part of the #pxmovement and even submit your own examples to be featured!

We Know What You are Thinking

get better patient reviews to improve patient satisfaction

It Takes a Change in Mindset and
the Commitment to do One Thing!

The Success of Your Medical Practice Rises and Falls
With the Patient Experience

Alejandro Badia, MD, Orthopedic Surgeon, Miami, FL

Doctors Whose Medical Practices Have Embraced These Principles to Improve Patient Satisfaction

Phillip C. Hoopes, Sr., MD, MBA

Ophthalmic Surgeon
Draper, Utah

“I thought our practice was doing everything right but learned new and valuable ideas and suggestions on patient service and care in every chapter I read.”

Anita Saluja, MD

Melbourne, FL

“It became clear that EVERYTHING COMMUNICATES. Our goal is to continue to see the practice through the lens of our patients to be better at HOW we do WHAT we do everyday.”

Ann F. Reilley, MD

Plastic Surgeon
Baton Rouge, LA

“The old formula for success- being able, affable, and available-is no longer enough… take a fresh look at the patient encounter with an aim towards elevating every detail and touchpoint. “

We Wrote the Book on Patient Experience

57 Insights on How to Improve PX in Your Medical Practice

Beyond Bedside Manner to improve Patient Experience

In the book Beyond Bedside Manner Shareef Mahdavi outlines 57 insights to stimulate your thinking. To become part of this movement all you have to do is choose one, work with your team to implement it, enjoy the benefits and then find another one that works for your practice.

In order to implement the PX Movement within your practice, your entire team needs to possess the mindset of continuous improvement when it comes to Patient Experience. 

Nobody can do it all but everybody can commit to making one change.

We have proven strategies to help you and we want to see what you can implement in your practice when you become part of the PX movement! Get a free chapter of the book when you...

improving patient satisfaction in healthcare

Patient Experience is the Ultimate Growth Strategy

When your medical practice becomes fanatical about improving Patient Experience you win

Join the Movement

Get some inspiration: There is an entire book written about improving Patient Experience. Get a copy for you and your team.

Choose 1 Improvement: Join the PX Movement and get daily PX insights in your inbox. Pick 1insight to implement in your practice.

Join the PX Mindset: Learn, grow, and implement the insights, continue to develop the Patient Experience (PX) mindset and share it with others.

Patient satisfaction in healthcare

Don't Settle For the Status Quo

By focusing on patients beyond their clinical needs and delivering on their customer expectations, you will create an environment that attracts patients who willing spend their time (and money) at the practice and drive referrals.

Everybody talks about improving experiences and outcomes for their patients, but unless you take deliberate steps to make those improvements within the walls of the practice, it’s nothing more than lip service. The PX Movement that we believe in is incremental and attainable. By making the conscious decision to take one step, great improvements can follow.

The greatest danger in medical practices today is the status quo. The Patient Experience in your practice is one area of the healthcare system where you DO have control.